Resource routes: optional path components

I have a model, Image, with paperclip attachments. The necessary routes
are currently simply defined by

  resources :images

As each image is available in different sizes (styles, really), paths
effectively look like this


Which isn't pretty at all. I'd rather have

  /images/1.png (for the default size)

To get this, I've defined my routes like this

  resources :images
  get 'images/:id(/:size)(.:format)' => 'images#show', :as => :image

The second line overwrites the image_path and image_url helpers
generated by the first line. Is there another solution that doesn't
involve overwriting and makes resources generate the size routes? One
important constraint is that I need the :size option on #image_path; it
would not help to have additional routes with different names.



have you tried match? I'm using it and still can use _path and _url
without a problem.

I'm sorry if I gave the wrong impression, I can still use all the _path
and _url helpers. It's just that I'm looking for a more elegant