Requesting reviewer for AR PR #42908

Hello All,

I submitted at PR 7 days ago, give or take a timezone, and there hasn’t been any activity on it so far so I wanted to ping folks here.

The PR is Update `ActiveRecord::Batches#in_batches` to make use of `ActiveRecord::Base.implicit_order_column` when present. by HallDJack · Pull Request #42908 · rails/rails · GitHub.

The PR has a merge conflict, but it is just in the change log, so I am going to wait until the review is done to clear that up so I don’t have to resolve the conflict multiple times as other changes are merged from other PRs.

Bumping this thread in hopes that someone sees it. I’d like to have a resolution to the PR I submitted even if that resolution is that my changes are not something that the Rails team want to merge.