Repopulate select on partial render

I am adding data to a table (for my Channelnotes model) in my ChannelsController. in my /view/channels I have a partial (shown below) that creates a select of the most recent three entries in this table. It works perfectly when the page is initially loaded.

However, when I add an entry into the table of the Channelnotes model (in my channels controller, which it does correctly, thanks to the guys on this list) and I go to redraw the partial (to repopulate the select with the most recent three Channelnote entries) it doesn;t repopulate the list. Shouln;t the select helper in the enclosed partial get invoked on a replace or render partial? I have tried invoking this after saving the the new Channelnote with either:

render :partial => 'channelnotesfield'


render :update do |div|       div.replace 'notesdiv' , :partial => 'channelnotesfield'     end

Neither of which repopulate the select helper in the channelnotesfield helper shown below. I've looked at it up and down in firebug, and just dont see anything failing here. Is this the correct behavior? If so, how can I make that select repopulate after a controller action? Thx, RVince

<div id="notesdiv" style="float: right;"> Notes: <%= select("channelnotes", "channelnotes", Channelnote.find (:all, :order => 'tstamp DESC', :limit =>3, :conditions => ["deleted=0"]).collect {|p| [ p.note, p.note]}, { :include_blank => true , :selected=>0, :value=>""},{}) %> <%= observe_field "channelnotes", :url => {:controller => :channels, :action => 'notesboxchange' }, :frequency => 1.0, :with => "'channelnotes=' + value" %> <script> doReset(); </script> </div>