rendering partial from different controller doesn't cascade?

Hi all,

I'm trying to render a partial from a different controller, sparked
from an update_html in an AJAX rjs response. The code calls it this

page["menu_#{}"].replace_html(:partial => "visitor/
menu", :object => menu)

This is being done since the action being called in this rjs is part
of a different controller to the visitor controller, where the page
was rendered from.

The problem is, the visitor controller's menu partial then renders
other partials from the visitor controller itself. Of course, in
there, I don't specify the controller (DRY?), but the result is that
being called from the admin controller, it thinks the partial should
be in the admin controller again.

Thus the visitor/menu partial attempts to render the submenu partial,
ends up looking for admin/_submenu and fails!

I don't want to specify the controller explicitly in all my visitor
partials, but otherwise the controller doesn't "cascade". Is there any
better alternative?