render action in rails 2.3


I might be out of touch with latest features in rails or this might be
just simple error on my part. I can't get this to work in site layout:
<div id="footerWrapper">
  <%= render :controller => 'site', :action => "footer" %>
</div> <!-- footerWrapper -->

I need to list some links in footer and that is why I need this in
layout. If this for some reason isn't working any more, can you please
suggest any alternative approach.

Thanks for all the help.


don't you just want to render a template like this:
  <%= render "shared/footer" %>


In application.rb you will need to get all footers and ut them in a

class AC

    before_filter :get_footer

    def get_footer
       @links = FooterLinks.all

in your layout you can either put directly like:

- for link in @links do
  = link_to, link.path

or put it in a partial and call it from the layout

= render :partial => "footer"