relative_url_root and javascript_include_tag

I have the same problem, I've tried a zillion combinations of configuration, and I still can't figure out any way to solve it.

When I use the asset tag helpers with :all, :cache=>true and relative_url_root, asset loading behavior becomes completely erratic. Sometimes they load, sometimes they cache, and sometimes it's a 404.

The first time I run this in production mode, I get an error like the one you posted, saying the files could not be found. Rails is looking in a directory structure that repeats the relative_url_root AFTER the asset directory (

A resulting concatenated all.js file is created which is empty.

I'd be ok with moving my javascripts to the extra directory, but in development mode (without caching), they are invisible and I get the same same error in reverse. Furthermore in development mode, the timestamp is not appended to the javascript files.

I can't tell what's breaking what... relative_url_root? javascript_include_tag? :cache=>true?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...



Other config stuff:

OS X 10.4.10 Apache 1.3 Ruby 1.8.6 Rails 2.0.2 Mongrel 1.0.1