Regarding Rubinius

I've been a Rails developer for a couple years now, and of course, having recently moved out from under my rock, have been hearing lots about Rubinius. My question to the community is, why use Rubinius at this point in time?

I've heard that it's supposedly going to have some pretty serious performance capabilities, but the articles I've seen so far state that it's fairly comparable to 1.9.2. Additionally, from what I've seen with just some local testing, it appears to have some compatibility issues with various gems "all over the place" (in other words I don't remember specifically which ones, but I recall there being lots of incompatible dependencies for various common gems from the last couple times I tried using it, which were, granted, a few months back).

What are the advantages that Rubinius would offer right now in its current state?

Just to be clear, this thread is NOT in any way a pot-shot at Engine Yard, Evan Phoenix, or anyone else who is behind, or a supporter of, Rubinius. Just an honest question about the advantage to using it over, say, ree 1.8.7 or MRI 1.9.2 (or JRuby for that matter). Indeed, I'm thankful for the fact that we have commercial support for an open- source, community project and encourage its developers to keep on keepin' on. You dudes rock - respect.

Thanks for any information you could provide :slight_smile: