refinerycms and omniauth routing issue

Hello Friends,

I have configured refinerycms along with omniauth for Facebook authentication.

for the same I have created “named_routes_overrides.rb” file inside config folder. get ‘auth/:provider/callback’ => “users/omniauth_callbacks#facebook”

and loading the file in application.rb file

initializer 'add named route overrides' do |app|
  app.routes_reloader.paths << File.expand_path('../named_routes_overrides.rb',__FILE__)

But whenever I am clicking on the link to authentication with facebook getting the following error

Couldn't find Page with ID=facebook

I really don’t know why pages controller is getting called though in the refinery wiki they have cleared mentioned that one can override the default routes.

It will be really great if someone can help me.

Thanks abhis


You might be better off posting to the Refinery CMS group. A search there shows up the following posts related to your topic:

One of these might contain your solution.

Cheers, Phil

Hi is there anyone faced and resolved the below mentioned issue?