default routes do not seem to be working

i don't know if something has changed or if there is something i have
just overlooked.
i set up the restful authentication plugin and all works fine except
for the fact that when i go to a page that requires authentication, i
am not redirected to /sessions/new instead of /login.

here is what i have in my routes file:

  map.login '/login', :controller => 'sessions', :action => 'new'
  map.logout '/logout', :controller => 'sessions', :action =>

  map.resource :session

when i run rake routes, login and logout are at the top. is there
something that was changed in the way routes are found now? before it
would always use whatever was higher.

ok, i see that in the plugin a line was changed in the
authenticated_system.rb to use new_session_path instead of :controller
=> 'sessions', :actions => 'new'

i guess for some reason i thought that even when using restful routes,
it would still match any custom named routes first. is that not true?