restful authentication (routes, resources etc)

Can anyone explain how restful authentication works? I have the plugin working to an extent. The only thing I can’t do is logout.

I’m assuming there are additional steps involved with adding methods to the users and sessions controllers due to the REST part.


The way I understand the implementation of restful authentication, the act of "logging out" is to destroy (think CRUD) a Session resource.


That’s how I understand the plugin as well. But shouldn’t certain methods fall back to general POST/GET request methods as well?

I must be missing something, because I can’t specify the request method in an url. Can I? So, for instance to logout, link_to(‘Logout’, :controller =>‘sessions’, :action => ‘destroy’), should allow a user to logout. Even if I could, it’s not supported by most web servers so there has to be a workaround.

Does anyone know of any documentation on this plugin?


You can just create a route for it if you want.

map.connect 'logout', :controller => 'sessions', :action => 'destroy'


I took a closer look at this and found that what you need is already built into resful authentication.

Take a look at this link: <%= link_to "Logout", session_path(session), :method => :delete %>

And the route.rb:   # Restful Authenticate routes   map.resources :users, :sessions

So you get the session_path(session) for free!