redirect_to issue

I'm having trouble getting redirect_to to work.
I have a search controller with the following code:

    if params[:format].include?("map")
      source = params[:format].split('_').second
      redirect_to :controller => "geodatas", :action => "map", :source
=> "samples_"+source
      #if params[:jointables].include?("images")
      if params[:viewtable] == "images"
        redirect_to :controller => "images", :action => "list"
        redirect_to :controller => "samples", :action =>
"resultslist", :id=>nil

In the last else it is supposed to redirect to the resultslist action
of the samples controller, but it is going to the show action
instead. This is the error that shows in the browser.

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in SamplesController#show

Couldn't find Sample with ID=resultslist

Why is it going to the show action??

Have a look in the log (log/development.log) and see if that helps