redirect to and notice

I am having an issue where I cannot get the notice to show up on a custom action in redirect_to

in the routes I have this defined:

  match 'launches/calendar' => 'launches#calendar'

in the launches controller I have these entries:   def calendar     @launches = Launch.all     @date = params[:month] ? Date.parse(params[:month]) :   end

  def update     @launch = Launch.find(params[:id])     if @launch.update_attributes(params[:launch])       redirect_to :action =>'calendar', :notice => "Successfully updated launch."     else       render :action => 'edit'     end   end

in the calander view file I have the following:

<p id="notice"><%= notice %></p>

but nothing ever shows up.

I am sure I am making a silly mistake here. Just can't find it.

Thanks, Dal

did some more research and playing and got it to work by changing:

      redirect_to :action =>'calendar', :notice => "Successfully updated launch."


flash[:notice] = "Successfully updated launch." redirect_to :action => :calendar

now it seems to work...

when you do this it things that notice is part of the routing options. redirect_to({:action => 'calendar'}, :notice => '...') should work, as should redirect_to something_path, :notice => '....'