Red Dirt RubyConf: Rails 3 Theme

I just wanted to make sure the Rails community is aware of the Red
Dirt RubyConf ( While we are a "Ruby"
conference, we've planned a lot of Rails content with entire sections
on Rails 3 (, Servers/Hosting
(, and NoSQL (http:// which may interest some of you.

Surprisingly, our Rails 3 theme has only received a couple of
submissions so far. If you would be interested in giving a Rails 3
talk, please consider submitting a proposal (http:// You have excellent chances
of being selected at this point and we would welcome the content.

We're trying hard to have the first big conference coverage of Rails
3, since it's at least one fourth of our planned program. We would
really appreciate any help to make that happen.


James Edward Gray II

What is the pricing and how do you register? I don't see that
information on the site

Never mind. I found it. It's a very small link in the footer; however,
registration is not available yet.

Correct. We plan to open registration on March 5th when we have the
program locked in.

That's what we are working on now.

James Edward Gray II