Recruiting Volunteer RoR Devs for Mental Health Project

Hey all,

I’m a product owner for a mental health NPO, HeartSupport. I have a team of 3 volunteer RoR devs that have built an MVP for a product that will scale mental health support across the internet. I’m recruiting capable RoR devs to join the team for a 6-week cycle from 9/1 to 10/15.

----> Apply for the team here <----

If you’d like to get a taste for what we’re building, view the screenshot below, or you can text “heartsupport” to 512-647-2871 to try it out yourself.

----> Apply for the team here <----

-Nate, Product Owner

@merlin2049er Hey Joe, you can apply at the link, or you can shoot me an email directly for further questions:

Have received two applications through this forum – thank you for the opportunity to share about this project!