Recommend an upmarket host

I have limited scaling experience and I'm expending too much energy
keeping my servers up. Fortunately now I can afford to pay more. Here's
what I want:
- tools to easily manage multiple servers
- tools to easily cluster my apps
- tools / people to automatically configure apache, mysql, etc.
- good built-in monitoring
- ability to ask somebody about common Rails performance issues and so

I guess the default answer is Engine Yard, but while I'm willing to pay
a good bit for access to expertise, I don't want to pay hundreds of
dollars for each extra gig of RAM.

That leaves Rails Machine, who seems like a good fit. Who else is out
there in that vein?

You might consider Rails Boxcar, which is managed by my company,
Planet Argon. We've been involved in Ruby on Rails hosting for nearly
four years now and have that expertise that you're looking for. :slight_smile:


Feel free to contact us and/or me directly if you have any questions.