real array via has_many

The way to implement arrays in ActiveRecord is via has_many.
But, normally Ruby arrays keep the order of elements, while has_many do
This is not just a matter of "order by" clause.
At every update one needs to index database table rows properly, so that
"order by" would work.

Thanks in advance.

Has many does not resemble an array but a set.

Yes. So how one can handle arrays properly?

You have to add an index column and use order by. SQL as a standard does not guarantee any ordering unless you enforce it, so any implementation can return elements in the order that is most efficient.

Can you give us more information on what is in your array and for what
reason they are sorted? Someone may be able to suggest a better
solution to the problem.

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I think I found a solution: act_as_list.
Sometimes we just need persistant storage.