re: selectbox issues

Ok I’m working on a select statement right now but, I’m
having issues rendering certain aspects

Here is the code from my view:

%label#disabled_area{:onclick =>
“$(‘disabled_button’).hide(); $(!=0).disable(); $(‘submit’).show();”}

= select :video, :comedy_type, {“Select A Comedy
Category” => “”, “Stand-Up Comedy” =>
“1”, “Sketch Comedy” => “2”}

%input{:type => “image”, :id =>
“disabled_button”, :alt => “Submit your video!”, :src
=> “/images/#{current_contest.short_name}/bt-complete_upload.gif”,
:disabled => true}

%input{:type => “image”, :id =>
“submit”, :alt => “Submit your video!”, :src =>
:style => “display: none;”}

Here is the problems:

  1. Select A Comedy Category will not show as the first

  2. I need to either disable or show a button dependent on
    selecting an item. That is becoming problematic as well.

Any ideas are definitely appreciated

anyone got any ideas?