RE: [Rails] Re: script/server doesn't work + errors

I experienced this situation..
I don't know exactly, but can you check your mongrel directory's name?
Maybe It is not "mongrel-1.1.1-x86-mswin32-60"
Just change the directory name to "mongrel-1.1.1-x86-mswin32-60"
It works very well when you start mongrel server on command line
But, while you are using the radrails IDE, It doesn't recognized the mongrel
server where it installed nor.

I had the same problem after updating RubyGems to 0.9.5 from 0.9.4
(and updating Rails to 2.0 from 1.2.6). I tried the suggestion to
simply rename the folder to 'mongrel-1.1.1-x86-mswin32-60' from
'mongrel-1.1.2-win32'. Works for me on command line and NetBeans.

I notice that RubyGems 0.9.5 doesn't ask which version to install,
looks like it brings in the latest version for your environment.