Re-generate views


When I started my project I generated some scaffolding for my
frontend. Now I want to generate some standard scaffolding again, in
my /admin area.

If I simply do rails generate scaffold admin/posts
I get a migration for a table and so on. I want to use the tables and
models and just generate the standard views and a controller.

Can I do that somehow?

Best Regards

You can
just delete the generated code you do not want to use. If the
migration is not needed just get rid of it and that goes for any
other pieces that the generator generates. Its your code, the
generator is just there to do some of the easy parts for you.


Hey bros,

Use devise gem to make it simpler and overlay you admin controller. Else, try practice on hardcoding. Diving on slim controller fat model design. Scaffold will make you lazy after all.



Run the scaffold generator then just remove any files you do not need
(migration, model and so on). Make sure your source has been
committed to your source control system (git or whatever) first so
that if the generator overwrites any files you did not intend that you
can recover the original.