rateable plugin problem

I am having some problem figuring out how to use the rateable plugin. i followed as close as the directions located at http://www.naffis.com/blog/articles/2006/08/31/rails-ajax-star-rating-system but there seem to be some problem.

I am getting the following error

You have a nil object when you didn't expect it! The error occured while evaluating nil.rating Extracted source (around line #1):

1: <%= number_with_precision(picture.rating, 1) %>/5 Stars<br> 2: <ul class='star-rating'> 3: <li class='current-rating' style='width:<%= (picture.rating * 30).to_i -%>px;'> 4: Currently <%= number_with_precision(picture.rating, 1) %>/5 Stars.

  what exactly this picture is associated with? Is this picture, in my view corresponds to :picture following in rjs file?

page.replace_html “star-ratings-block”, :partial => ‘rating/rating’, :locals => { :picture=> @picture }

Code at controller looks like:

<%= number_with_precision(picture.rating, 1) %>

picture should be @picture

Thorsten Mueller wrote:

<%= number_with_precision(picture.rating, 1) %>

picture should be @picture

I even thought the same thing and tried that one before posting here, But no luck still :frowning: