Ranges in RESTful resources


I am writing an application with nested resources. I have a resource called Facilities which has_many Reservations.

map.resources :facilities do |facilities|   facilities.resources :reservations end

I have thus urls like

/facilities/1/reservations /facilities/1/reservations/4

I have the possibility to show a list of all reservations - the index action, and a particular reservation - the show action. How do I list all reservations between 10. April 10:00 and 12. April 20:00 ?

How do I list ranges in RESTful resources?



Hi Gerjan,

thank you for your proposal. Sounds really streightforward. Is this approach along the RESTful lines? I have read the following discussion:


I have been thinking about my problem for a couple of days now and I still think there should be a simpler solution. Maybe ranges should be treated as another resource. But then they share the same set of data with the index action. Sounds like a "2 Controller-one Model-thing" DHH was talking on the Eurocon about. Hmm ...