Nested resources with RESTful Rails


I'm using RESTful in Rails, and I have an application with the
following situation:

I have categories, articles and comments. A category can contain many
articles (one-to-many relation) and an article can have many comments
(one-to-many relation). This is like nested in nested resources. My
question is how do I treat this in RESTful?

BTW, I've already implemented the code for categories and articles, I
still have to add the comments and I'm not sure how. If I add
comments, I'll have to display the comments only inside the article
show view and there shouldn't be a view where I can only see some
comments. Also, how do I integrate the comments_controller::index
action with the articles show view?

Hi, I recommend you to consult this paper by Google - "RESTful Rails
   On the second part, it shows a pretty detailed example how nested
resource could be handled probably - how to revise route.rb, etc.
   Hope this could resolve your puzzle.


myst_tt, you forgot to post the link. thanks :slight_smile:

I've read this and I understand the RESTful concept. Though it's not
obvious that I shouldn't make the categories resources.