Rake test:functionals failing for deeply generated namespace

I'm having an issue with the rake test:functional task. It seems to be
spitting up warnings and failing on some of my functional tests that are
deeply generated resources... most are under namespaces.

The tests work just fine if I run them one at a time. The test even
works fine if I run just the specific one that seems to be crashing via:

rake test:functionals TEST=test/functional/ .....

Here is a rake trace of the the error:

I know all of my tests run just fine. I have run each one individually
to make certain... but for some reason when run together with the rake
test task it fails. Any thoughts?

Also, I have transactional_fixtures turned off in test_helper.rb I
don't think that makes a difference here but that is the only thing that
I have different from the default generated test_helper.rb file.