rake probleme

hi, i want to test my routes, when i make : rake routes i have this message

You have already activated rake 0.9.2, but your Gemfile requires rake 0.8.7. Consider using bundle exec.

i thought i have update the rake, and i dont know how to back to the older one used in my application means the rake 0.8.7 please help me. thanks

this happened to me a little while ago too try

bundle update rake

you could delete rake 0.9.2 using sudo gem uninstall rake (if you’re on linux system) and it’ll reply you with which version of rake you want to delete.

If the problem is not yet resolved you could delete all the versions or rake and type sudo bundle install into the folder of your project

(It could be useful to check what bundle exec does as it suggests you…)

Removing the later rake gem should definitely work.

To the best of my knowledge this issue is resolved with the latest rails 3.0.9 so you might consider upgrading.

Another option is to add to you Rakefile before load_tasks:

include Rake::DSL

Cheers, Harry

thanks, i resolve the probleme by unistall the rake and bundle install from the app folder. :slight_smile:

Hi, I had the same problem and just wanted to tell you: if you uninstalled later it will come back so you'll have the same problem probably.

4 solutions:

1. Removing later rake with gem uninstall rake -v=0.9.0 then make sure you change your Gemfile: gem rake, '0.8.7' (use gem list to see if you have it) The reason is: also if your system updates your rake (probably because of installing another gem which requires that) your app will work.

2. Use $ bundle install vendor/gems it will bundle all your gems used into your app. It also has some caching benefits but maybe your app will be bigger.

3. Use the code snippet what Harry said (into your Rakefile):

module ::YourApplicationName   class Application     include Rake::DSL   end end

4. Create app-specific gem environment with RVM Gemsets http://beginrescueend.com/gemsets/basics/

Using $ bundle exec rake might avoid the problem but it definitely doesn't solve it and next time will be the exact same problem.

Enjoy Rake:) Zoli