rake db:create:all

I'm new to Ruby on Rails, and just want to ask, what do we mean when
typing this command:

$ rake db:create:all


It's pretty self-explanatory - it creates all the databases for the
application (which are defined in database.yml)

Not hard to discover this either:

Michael Pavling wrote:

Assuming you have a DB engine installed (MySQL, SQLite, etc) and
you've configured your config/database.yml file to use the DB engine,
but you haven't "created" a database in your favoured engine - the
rake task will do that for you.

This stuff is all covered as pretty much step 1 in any Rails tutorial
you might find online, or follow in one of the books.



What is mean here by "Creating" a database. Is it to be built from


For future reference, if you execute rake -T, it will show you all the rake tasks that have descriptions, together with a brief description, e.g:

rake db:create:all # Create all the local databases defined in config/database.yml