rake db:create doesn't create all databases?

I was trying to create a test case in Rails 3.0 RC2 for an entirely separate question about connecting to external databases via establish_connection, but ran into a problem with rake db:create.

In short, "rake db:create" only creates two of the four databases listed in config/database.yml, and I can't figure out why. Here's the database.yml file. The only thing out of the ordinary is the :external database specification, but notice that its params are identical to the others:

========= file: config/database.yml development:   adapter: mysql   encoding: utf8   reconnect: false   database: dbtest_development   pool: 5   username: root   password: XYZZY   socket: /tmp/mysql.sock

external:   adapter: mysql   encoding: utf8   reconnect: false   database: dbtest_external   pool: 5   username: root   password: XYZZY   socket: /tmp/mysql.sock

test:   adapter: mysql   encoding: utf8   reconnect: false   database: dbtest_test   pool: 5   username: root   password: XYZZY   socket: /tmp/mysql.sock

production:   adapter: mysql   encoding: utf8   reconnect: false   database: dbtest_production   pool: 5   username: root   password: XYZZY   socket: /tmp/mysql.sock ========= EOF

But rake db:create only creates the _development and _test databases, not the _external nor _production. Here's the synopsis. My db BEFORE:

crap. nebbermind. i was reading the wrong piece of code; all i really needed to do was:

  rake db:create:all

and all is happy. pardon the noise (but maybe my experience will help someone else in the future).

- ff