Rails using Custom Java Persistence and Codebase?

I haven’t seen any replies, but I’ll weigh in from a JRuby core perspective…

This seems like a perfect application of JRuby. Rails is great as a
full suite of services, but each service independently is useful as
well. I don’t see that there’s anything wrong with using the “VC” part
of “MVC” with a different model and persistence layer.

I have also been disappointed with most of the Java-based web frameworks, almost entirely due to their over-heavy, over-complicated approaches to implementing the view and controller portions of an app. If I were to write an application now, I would give strong consideration to something more Railsy, even if it were backed by Java-based services.

If you choose to go forward with this approach, Eric, the JRuby team will be very interested in helping make it happen.