rails training?

BigNate wrote in post #968870:

I'm new to Rails and have PHP/MySQL & Coldfusion/SQL knowledge from past
jobs. Are there any good tutorials out there that could relate PHP or
CF so
that Rails makes more sense?

I came to Rails after years of working with PHP and ColdFusion. But I
wouldn't recommend relating Rails to either one. Instead, learn it on
its own merits. That includes learning the Ruby language on its own

If you try to relate Ruby to PHP or Rails to (say) Fusebox, you probably
won't learn to write *idiomatic* Rails.

I'm struggling to understand how things
and the best way to work through tasks. Any help would be great.

http://www.railscasts.com (and its sister site,
http://www.asciicasts.com )


Marnen is sure.

It’s call RAILS WAY. It’s diferent from Java and PHP

You need walk trough this