Rails Site Indexed by Google and Other Search Engines?


I'm very much brand-new to Rails and have inherited a site created
with Rails that I'm trying to become familiar with. I've discovered
how to change my rhtml files with no problems, but have noticed that,
while our site used to rank very high in search engines like Google
for keywords specific to our business, we now never even show up
anywhere. Can search engines index sites created with Rails? I've
searched the forum history and other sites and have not found any
answers. If Rails sites cannot be indexed, is there a way, or some
code that can be implemented to direct search engines to index rhtml

Thanks for your help! I look forward to my continuing crash course in

Google has no issues indexing a Rails site. Just make sure your site
is providing all the things Google wants:


Thanks for the quick reply Greg. Google's tools are great. I am now
resting peacefully knowing that my whole site is being indexed. It
looks like when the new site was being created, it was built extremely
UN-optimized :slight_smile: Time to work some SEO magic now...thanks again! BTW,
great site...I like the phone number script :slight_smile: