Tutorial - Creating a Custom Google In-site Search for Rails

Tutorial Purpose:

This tutorial will help you create an in-site search box that users can
type in to search within your site. The search will utilize google's
api search to find anything within your site, and return all results to
the index.html.erb file specified in one of the search results views.

The returned results look almost exactly like a normal google search
result, only the results are housed on your site and the search
parameters are only looking within your site.

Here is the gist that contains all of the files or code you will need
when reading through this tutorial.


What you need to do (step by step):

The files below are just summaries provided to help you understand what
each file located in the gist does, and any information you may need to
get you started. I would look over the files to familiarize yourself
with them and then skip down to the full instructions at the end of this
tutorial to get started.

(( Files )):