Rails RPM?

Hi --

I really need to come up with a way to install Rails from an RPM. I'm
assuming that that pretty much means that I'm going to have to create
the RPM. "Agil Web Development with Rails" suggests that we Linux
users who want to fiddle around with such things use Dan Benjamin's
instructions for the MAC as a guide. I'm about ready to make an
attempt at that. However, before I do, I was wondering if anyone had
any alternatives to suggest that I might like better (i.e., were
easier). If so, I'd sure like to hear about them. BTW, the reason
that I'm so hung up on installing from an RPM is that my backup system
is based on the fact that everything is installed from an RPM. If I
go adding software through some mechanism other than an RPM, it's
going to create problems.

Thanks for any input.

       ... doug