Rails performance improvement

Andy wrote:

After the url has been inputed in the browser's address,the
webrick/mongrel console will hold for about 7-10 seconds before the
static files such as javascripts and stylesheets start to be downloaded.

Every time I've seen this happen, and I'm not talking only about RoR,
it was caused by a badly configured DNS. Either your machine is
probably unable to resolve it's own hostname, or your webserver is
configured to resolved client's hostnames, and is unable to do that.

-- Marcus

Also try running free -m on your linux box. Could be that your mongrel
processes got moved out of ram and into swap and now are getting moved
back. THis has been discussed a lot on the list about slow "first"

Is it the first request or all of them? If its all of them then this
is not your issue, if its the first, then this is probably the problem.