Rails Migrations and database views

I have a DB2 schema with many 'views' and table partitions defined in
it. As per our new project requirement we have to support multiple
databases (DB2,Oracle and MYSQL to be specific). The frontend
application is implemented using Ruby on Rails. I am interested in
exploring the possibility of using Rails Migrations to abstract out
the schema to a DB independent layer. I could not find any reference
material on the web on how I can apply Rails Migrations on a schema
containing 'views' and table partitions? Can anyone help me? Thanks in


I have a project called rails_sql_views on github that might be
helpful. It was extracted from the work I was doing on ActiveWarehouse
and has been extended by others. At the moment it does not have an
implementation for DB2, however you could implement the
implementation. The repo is at:

Anthony Eden

Thank you Anthony.