Rails Logic

Mick wrote:

I want to write a function that takes a date in the future and returns
how many days are left until that date. However, I am not sure where it
should go - the model seems to be purely for database interactions, and
the controller is executed before page display (and I want to call my
function dynamically inside a loop, in the view),

anyone know where it should be placed?



As a Helper to the view?

what I might do is add a method to the Time class

class Time
  def difference_in_days(t = Time.now)
    ((self - t).abs / 86400).to_int

not sure where to put this (environment.rb perhaps?) to have it
automatically available in Rails. could also put it in lib directory,
call it time_extentions.rb or whatever, and use require.

due_date = Time.now + 10.days