Rails in a Cloud IDE?

We have recently released the Beta version of the eXo Cloud IDE and
would like to get feedback from the Rails community. Its a free
web-based IDE, with Ruby, PHP, Java, JavaScript support. It allows you
to code in your browser and easily deploy your apps to PaaS services
such as Heroku or Red Hat OpenShift (check out a short video at

Do you see the usage for web-based IDEs? We currently don't see it as a
way to replace desktop IDE, but more as the "last mile" for your
application and an efficient way to deploy it to a PaaS.

You can check out the service at http://cloud-ide.com. I'd love to get
your feedback or improvement suggestions.

Hi Mark, The potential awesomeness of cloud IDE for RoR can't be
understated. I just wish there was a way to make it more mainstream. A
lot of folks getting started with Ruby and Rails (ahem, myself included)
could really benefit if the exo Cloud IDE closely followed the Ruby on
Rails tutorials with Michael Hartl. However, since the exo Cloud IDE
seems to be more optimized for javascript event-programming, I would
probably hold off on using it until it is can be used with the more
popular rspec, spork, fsevent, ruby gems which enable desktop
integration testing. Any idea of whether this functionality will be
built-in in the near future?



I love Cloud based IDEs and really waiting for one which is especially
for Rails with RSpec and hopefully with Cucumber integrated well, as
well as RVM. Instant Heroku and Capistrano deployment would be great,
also SCSS or LESS integration. Thanks for interest,