Rails & IIS

There are several sites I've found on the web detailing how to setup
IIS with Rails. Unfortunately they all seem to be woefully out of
date. I believe they may all even be pre Rails 1.0.

Can single sign on via Active Directory Services be accomplished
through mod_NTLM for Apache, so users won't have ot log into the
intranet site after already having logged into their machine? If it
is possible then I may not need to use IIS, as I know mod_NTLM makes
the AUTH_USER available as a server environment variable similar to
the way in which IIS does.

Does anyone know of a good recent writeup of how to setup Rails to be
served purely by IIS, or a maybe book explaining it?

When Rails is served by IIS then it automatically has SSO, and access
to request.env['AUTH_USER']. I have been able to setup IIS to act as
a proxy to a Mongrel-Rails setup. This works for SSO, but I can't
access the AUTH_USER so it is not an acceptable solution.

Has anyone done this themselves, and can they post a how to on the
Rails wiki? The current one references Rails 0.13, and ActionPack
1.7.0. I am currnetly running versions are 1.1.6 and 1.12.5,

Likewise, when I get this working I will update the wiki myself. :slight_smile:


JIC there are others out there interested in the development of this

Here's and update:

Microsoft is working on FastCGI for IIS now! Doesn't seem to be
working with Ruby just yet.
See this: http://forums.iis.net/thread/1490914.aspx
and this:

Attention Railsers who care about the state of Rails on Windows and/or

It would appear that the intersect of people who know about Rails,
FastCGI, and IIS is small. So if you are a complete brain, or even a
mostly complete brain on these subjects I know your help would be
appreciated by the IIS team.

Mike Volodarsky, who is Program Manager on the IIS Application Server
team and basically owns IIS7 server core, and the ASP.NET runtime is
looking for people who can help with the effort to get the new FastCGI
for IIS working with Rails. I'm afraid I can't be much help myself
(because I know next to nothing about FastCGI, Windows, and IIS) so
please support this effort if you have skills!

Here's the link:

The rest of Rubyists on Rails on Windows will thank you with a thousand
hurrahs! :wink: