IIS and ActiveDirectory integration


Does anyone has experienced or know something about RoR running under IIS with Active Directory authentication?


Ricardo Acras

Acras Sistemas

Yes, it works.

But it is two different problems.

If you want your rails app to authenticate via AD, then you are best
to use the LDAP active directory interface through the ruby net/ldap
library. This works well with only a few gotchas, the biggest one is
that you have to reformat the password into a quoted unicode value.
There are writeups on how to authenticate with AD through ruby's
net/ldap, so I won' go into it here.

On the IIS integration, do a google and find the IIS Rails write ups,.
I followed that to get it working. But believe me, you will have
more joy with Apache and Mongrel's on Windows. I found it a lot
easier and on the one place where I had to use IIS, ended up getting
agreement to switch to mongrels and apache and get rid of IIS.



IIS and Rails is discussed in the book “Deploying Rails Applications”. Don’t bother. Instead, use Apache + Mongrels. You can then proxy requests through ISA server or through IIS using ISAPI_Rewrite.