Rails Hosting Questions

Hi everyone,

I use Hostgator as my hosting provider and I checked out the versions of the apps they are running:

Linux CentOS: 5.3 Ruby: 1.8.5 Rails: 2.3.2 MySQL: 5.1.30

I've been programming on a windows box but I do have a virtual linux box setup (not for this particular model) - I wasn't even aware that people still used Ruby 1.8.5..

My current platform for development is:

Windows Vista 32 Ruby: 1.9.1-p129 Rails: 2.3.2 MySQL: 5.1.30

Do you think that there will be some problems with my development platform when it goes over to production?

I'm always a fan of having a development setup that is as close as possible to the production setup. There are plenty of differences in the ruby standard library, behavior of the language and even syntax between 1.9 and 1.8