rails helpers are adding extra folders

i have a new rails site that i am setting up just like i normally do with all of the other sites. i created a subdomain which is pointed to a subfolder in my public_html.

i can view the site both at
and mywebsite.com/test/ but when i view it by the subdomain, rails helpers are adding the /test/ to all of my resources, so none of my images or style sheets are found.

this hasn’t ever happened to be before, so i’m not sure what to do. is there something else i have to add in my .htaccess file?

By default helpers create absolute paths


So the subdomain is the one that should work out of the box. Are you using custom options for them?

-- fxn

not that i know of. i've set up apps on subdomains several times before
too and they've all worked which is why i don't understand how it's
prefixing all my links with /test/

just for kicks, i just tried to symlink my app to the root folder and
it didn't add the test prefix, only when it's accessed by the subdomain.

Have you set RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT? Can you check your rewrite rules, if any?

-- fxn

i had an admin restart the server, and now the urls are working right.

do they get locked in when the app starts even when it's not in