Rails hangs after inactivity

I'm running ruby 1.8.6, WEBrick 1.3.1, & MySQL. On Localhost:3000. It
works fine but if it sits idle for a few hours or more, it will hang and
I needs to be restarted.

Read similar problem before, said it has something to do with MySQL
timing out or something? He didn't have any more info though, so
wondering if anybody can elaborate.


Are there any clues in the logs?

Wyatt Greene wrote:

Are there any clues in the logs?

On Feb 1, 2:01 pm, Qolo Weerky <rails-mailing-l...@andreas-s.net>

I don't remember exact time it last happened. I'm not familiar with
extracting info from log files in RoR. I'll try to start fresh log and

This will happen if you aren't using the compiled mysql gem.

sudo gem install mysql

and you should see this problem go away.