Rails generator model with optional validations and required?

Hi there,

Like numerous times I am generating models, I go in to make fields required and validates_presence_of them.

Would it be easy if we could just say:

I would rather have it look like the following

Rails g model contact name:string:required age:int:required

Thanks for your participation!
Hmm, maybe. However I am afraid this might get a bit cumbersome when writing more then 4 fields. The word required in this sample is
the longest word of this command. Maybe req? Are there any other generators out there that tackle this problem?

Also an * (asterisk) is universal hint that something is required

An asterisk is actually going to be very painful to use, because your
shell is going to treat it as a shell expansion by default rather than
passing it along to Rails.

Ha, well that makes the choice easy then, then :required is probably the way to go.