Rails generator fails to generate all files

Arthur Rats wrote:


Ive lost all idea of why this can happen

I normally use rails to generate a new project

rails myproject -d mysql

inside the myproject directory normally there would be a file called

That would be in myproject/app/views/layouts or something like that.
But I'm not sure Rails normally creates such a file. It creates
public/index.html, though.

with in the public directory a file called

in public/stylesheets.

Now I dont get anything at all, they are missing

Did you look in the locations I gave?

All my previous projects have those files,

using 2.3.4 Ruby 1.9.1 Windows

Any ideas? Its bugging me somthing rotten that I havent a copy of those
files anywhere on my PC to copy from

Sure you do. I think Rails keeps a master copy *somewhere*. But
you're right that if your Rails gem is misbehaving, you should figure
out why.

Does any one else know what i can do?

Reinstall the Rails gem?



`rails myproject -d mysql -t` will get you a backtrace.