[Re: Rails guides build problem]


I'm forwarding this question to you, as adviced by Pratik.

I'm trying to generate the Rails guides but I'm getting errors both in trunk and 2-3-stable branches.

I have already generated the guides in the past without problems but since some time ago it gives me the errors below.

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I've not tracked down the culprit, but some new code in ActionView that didn't require a :locals option now it does. Don't have time to check whether it should, but we pass an empty :locals anyway in the guides generator, just pushed that.

Now there's an issue with the credits template. We'll investigate that one (follows a different path). As a temporary workaround you could use the ONLY environment variable to generate only one guide, or remove railties/guides/source/credits.erb.textile to generate everything but that one and checkout later.

Thank you, it is all working now, including the credits.

Great work!


Yeah I could fix credits and index as well.

Now guides look weird. Something else has changed regarding content_for or something (the guides generator itself uses ActionView) and some stuff is inserted in a strange way into the layout.

I'm on it...

I was wondering if we should remove the link to "Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby" now that _Why is gone and the site is offline. Or maybe point the link to another working url (anyone knows where this guide can be found?)...