Rails Edge?


I just started a project with Rails, and am using Git. I thought of keeping
the edge of Rails in vendor/rails, especially since I can do so pretty
easily with a submodule.

However, I wanted to ask how stable the edge usually is? I mean some
projects are fairly stable because they're not pushed until they pass the
tests. I didn't know if it is that way for rails or not.


A patch that has failing (or causes existing tests to fail) would not
be committed. Occasionally a change might be committed that causes
failures with a combination of circumstances that the core member
committing the patch didn't have access to (eg change X breaks stuff
on Windows).
When it comes to new features or additions, sometimes it takes a few
stabs at it to get things right. If I was running a project on edge
I'd certainly keep a close eye on what changes were going in.