rails doesn't create sessions in production

I'm having an issue with sessions in the 1.2 pre-release code. Sessions are created when the site is in development mode, and they are not created when the site is in production mode. I'm using a database store, but even when I switch back to the file system store, sessions are not created. The only difference in the way that I am running rails is that I switch to production mode with "RAILS_ENV=production script/server"

Where should I begin looking first?

I'm going to answer my own question.

I had a plugin installed that changed the location of the sql session store. (sneaky plugin developers!)

I'm not going to say here, but I have followed up with the developer, and hopefully he will make the changes in his documentation.

If you're worried about embarassing the author, don't be. If the author
is so thin-skinned that they won't take critcism in stride, they
shouldn't make code freely available.

I could not agree more. We are pulling our hair trying to fix this very
problem, would you please make the solution available?