Rails Developer

Hello Group, I am hoping to get some advice/referrals.

I have an existing rails project that is in production and used by my business in the Chicago area, but I have colleagues who have indicated an interest in it.

While I think I am 'decent' at developing simple applications, it is not my primary occupation.

I am looking for a rails development shop, with good references, that can take my existing application either as a prototype model and improve it/optimize it for a larger number of users OR use the prototype as a model from which to build a completely new application.

Does any one have some recommendations for reliable, efficient, and if possible cost-effective rails developers/ consultancies?

Thanks in advance.


DavidB wrote:

Hi David,

I would like to discuss your project with you. My email is my name (as above), all lowercase with no spaces or underscores, at Google's mail service.

Peace, Phillip

Hi David,

I like to discuss with you. Plz call 91-0-9941253933 or send an email to ayyanar.aswathaman@aspiresys.com. Visit our website www.aspiresys.com for further details.

Thanks, Ayyanar. A