Rails deployment - application urls

I'm finally ready to deploy my first rails app. I'm deploying to my
own server (so I have root access) which is a mac mini running
apache2, MySQL, etc. This server sits at the end of a static IP
address. At the moment I have static content served from apache. For
example: http://www.myserver.com/ gets my home website. http://www.myserver.com/ical
is where I stuff such things as shared ical calendars. I have some php
apps deployed also, at addresses like http://www.myserver.com/bugtracker/index.php

I'm deploying using capistrano, (using git, and mongrel), to a
directory that is completely separate from the normal web docs folder.
(for example: /Volumes/SomeDrive/MyRailsApp. Here is what has me

When I deploy, using cap deploy. I end up with:
My normal static content shows up if I hit http://www.myserver.com
If I use http://www.myserver.com:3000, then my rails app is served up.

This is probably completely normal...

What I want is have my rails app served when the url is something
else, like http://www.myserver.com/myrailsappname
And I'd like to not have to specify the port in the address.
Finally, I would like my normal static content to be served when the
url is http://www/myserver.com, and I'd like the things deployed to be
unaffected (the bug tracker, and ical stuff mentioned above)

Can someone point me in the right direction for solving these

Do I need to adjust my routes for my rails app, so that is has the
extra bits at the front ? such as map.root "/myrailsappname" or

Should I be using VirtualServer in my apache config ?, if so, should I
use port 3000 instead of 80 ?

Mostly I'm looking for the right topics and keywords to research to
solve this.

John Schank