deploying rails

hey everyone, im still a newbie, and i am having trouble deploying my rails application.

am using (hosting), through MAC OSX and i have been able to get my SSH server running,
and i have copied my app through ftp on to the server. they have a
helper here:

remembered to change my database.yml settings in production to the one
i created on my server and I changed my environment.rb so that
ENV[‘RAILS_ENV’] ||= ‘production’ is enabled.

so now i am
stuck…i am not sure if i am supposed to upload my database directly
into the new one, or run some sort of rake command in SSH? my databases
are currently empty.

also when i try to look at my app online (actually called)
i get this error:

In order to view your homepage, please name your main page “index.htm” (using lower case letters).

it could be because i rerouted my pages, and deleted the index.rhtml, but im not sure how to fix that.

would love some help here…i’ve looked into capistrano, but i don’t
think i need to go through that, do i? And i’m not sure what it’s
asking me to do differently.

any guidance would be great.


im trying to upload the application i created in Ruby on Rails: Up and
Running (hibbs & tate) so i can practice deploying. FYI