Rails Contributors

Hey just a brief mail to let you know I've done some systematic work on Rails Contributors in the past weeks: Tried to resolve every email address, and checked all handlers that exist as github usernames.

At this moment there are 337 email addresses and 440 handlers resolved (over time). Due to this pass the grand total of contributors has gone from 1420 down to 1327, because some of the resolved emails or github usernames corresponded to already existing full names.

Some email addresses are unreachable, and some github usernames belong to people who are not the authors of the corresponding commits. They are listed at the top of this file:


Please if you recognize any of them just drop me a line!

The listing is converging after all these months, and I think we can already compute some meaningful-enough numbers/graphs, like new contributors per month, etc. I'd like to add them in the future.

That's it. Best regards to all!

-- fxn

Impressive list of mappings and special cases. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile: