listing of Rails contributors

Hi people! Perhaps you remember that effort started some months ago to try to get a good listing of Rails contributors:

I got plenty of feedback and kept maintaining the list in this gist:

I am happy to announce that we've turned that script into a simple webapp that will run under or You can check it out now without design at

I am very glad this is going to be public, it gives credit to hundreds of people that have contributed to the project (about 1400 at this moment). And it is a good indicator in my view of the agility and openness of Rails as an open source project. Also you can just point to that data when someone says it is hard to contribute to Rails, a myth I've heard sometimes.

The app is mostly finished at this point, I may add some caching and more tests but that's it.

The current name normalization is explained here:

If you know of anyone who may help wit the design that'd be really great!

If you discover any missing name equivalence please just PM me somewhere.

-- fxn


This is great. I’d love for its permanent home to be

Two things:

  1. did anyone notice the long tail effect? hehe
  2. is the list going to be live (think github post-receive hook)

That's the idea, though the way to update is not yet defined. We'll sort it out when we are ready to deploy it. The entry point is just a call to


so we have options.

That pulls, understands changes in the mappings, if any, and updates the database. After pulling that's a fraction of a second so it could be triggered by a hook no prob. A cron job would do but I kind of dislike "Last updated at ..." messages, I'd prefer it to be really live.

You might want to ensure spam bots can't harvest email address of contributors.



You might want to ensure spam bots can't harvest email address of contributors.

We have built in stuff for that too :). They're trivially available in git though, so there's really no avoiding it.